Save Motley Theatre Design Course

Alison and her team have announced that they are stepping down having spent many years of hard work maintaining Motley as London’s famous independent international theatre design school. The question is if and how to carry Motley forward. The Trustees meet in January to discuss the future of the school.

Problems cited include no security of tenure at Drury Lane, fundraising, rules for student loans, immigration laws requiring academic accreditation and upgraded facilities, increased operating deficits, and a series of consultations that hasn’t yet resolved these problems.

This is to let you know about the Save Motley Theatre Design Course campaign/ discussion group for alumni and friends of Motley.

At this early stage, we can share and quantify the level of support through reaction to the news on the discussion website. A forum of comments, testimonies and suggestions from alumni, friends and professionals working in the industry will help Motley to survive.

Click here to add your comments on this site, or alternatively  join the Save Motley Theatre Design Course Facebook Page and write on the wall.

Click here to see further ways in which you can help.


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