Help Save Motley

The immediate and main thing we can do is to gather everyone under the same ‘roof’.  A forum of comments, testimonies and suggestions will help Motley to survive.

There are many ways you can help:

1. Help us to get in touch with the rest of the alumni. Click here to see the list of people we still need to contact and help us check that the information we have for your year group is accurate, including nationality.

2. Write a message in support of Motley  here.

3. Encourage your contacts in the industry to do the same by sending them the link We need the visible and vocal support of all the people we work with, from producers and directors to suppliers.

4. Join the Save Motley Theatre Design Course Facebook page.

5. Add  Save Motley Theatre Design Course to your Twitter feed.

6. Part of the debate is about Motley’s status as an independent international school. We’d like to hear your opinions on this, especially if you are from a Non-EU country, or wouldn’t want to see Motley relinquish its entry criteria (based on merit, not qualifications) or merge with an academic institution.

7. Sign the Visiting Artists and Academics Petition.

8. If you are a former student and have a webpage, please forward the link and we will post in the right hand links menu of the WordPress site.

9. Contribute to the list of venues and companies that Motley alumni have designed for. The list is here.  Email us for additions.

10. Contribute to  lists of professionals who have taught us at Motley.
The list is hereEmail us for additions.

11. Contribute to the list of alumni who have taught elsewhere. The list is here. Email us for additions.

If you have any suggestions you’d like to share with us in confidence, please email Motley Alumni Editors, Simon and Dody, at