Statement from Alison Chitty, Ashley Martin-Davis and Catrin Martin (29/11/10)

29th November 2010

Alison Chitty and Ashley Martin-Davis have run Motley for the last twenty years, Catrin Martin for ten.  Changes in recent years to Government legislation have made us increasingly unhappy and frustrated in our unwavering ambition to maintain Motley’s position as a leading independent, international postgraduate Theatre Design School.

New immigration laws will, we fear, effectively prevent Motley being able to offer places to students from all over the world and thus retain its status as an international school. New rules make arrangements for student postgraduate and career development loans increasingly difficult. Every year our operating deficit increases and necessitates an endless quest for funds.

As well as raising finance we have been involved in a round of discussions with the Government, with various funding bodies, with organizations and individuals in the theatre profession, plus other independent post graduate schools who are facing the same difficulties as we are, in a quest for a solution or solutions. Sadly, despite all our efforts we feel that, because of the problems outlined above,  it is now impossible to maintain Percy’s philosophy of teaching at Motley.

After much discussion and consideration it is with great sadness and regret that we now feel that there is no room for further compromise and we can no longer continue to run Motley.

Alison Chitty

Ashley Martin-Davis

Catrin Martin